Trevor – A beautiful happy dog who needs a special home.


This friendly, handsome small cocker had a loving elderly owner who could no longer care for him. Consequently Trevor is now staying at his vet’s boarding facility.

All the people who know Trevor say the same thing, “he’s such a sweet dog.” Trevor is always happy to meet people, young and old, and he especially loves to be taken outside for walks or playtime. In fact, he enjoys eating a snowball or two!

Trevor behaves like a gentleman when he meets other dogs, but his real passion is cats! Trevor grew up with a kitty and they became devoted friends and companions to each other.

Recently he met two kittens at his boarding facility and he was euphoric! He immediately wanted to play with them and he followed them everywhere.

The staff at the vet’s office have all fallen under his spell and spend as much time as possible playing with him, rubbing his belly and taking him out for short walks.

In 2009, Trevor developed a genetic condition where the lower intestines became “leaky” and protein is lost in the digestive process. Trevor received excellent care when this happened and he’s been stable and healthy for the past six years. He must eat a Science Diet I/D low fat dog food. And he’s on a regular daily regimen of various enzymes and antibiotics. (Financial assistance is available to help pay for his medications).

Trevor needs to be taken out 3-4 times a day to piddle and poop but he can “hold it” for long periods. At the vet’s facility his last outing is at 6:00pm and he can hold it until they arrive the next day at 8:00am.

Trevor’s vet said that he’s essentially a healthy dog who would do very well in a quiet, structured home where he is cuddled and loved, fed his special diet and gets his medications at feeding time. He needs a home where he can be taken outside on a regular schedule and ideally there would be a dog-friendly kitty.

Trevor’s vet would be happy to talk to a prospective adopter and answer any questions.

For more information about this small, special cocker boy please call CSRNE at 603-547-3363 and leave a message.

 Click here to view Trevor-movie with kitty.