Jada and Sadie





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Update: February, 2018

Sadie and Jada were purchased a year apart when they were puppies and have always lived in the same home. Sadie (a neutered male) is seven years old and Jada is six.

The irony is both dogs developed eye problems – Jada has cataracts and Sadie has glaucoma and they are both blind.

Sadie and Jada are very attached to each other and Sadie always knows where Jada is and she relies on him. When they go for leash walks, which they like, Sadie is the leader and Jada follows right behind.

When we rescued this loving pair neither had seen a vet for a long time. As soon as our vet examined them, he treated Sadie’s painful glaucoma with pressure reducing medications and Sadie is now feeling much better – he’s noticeably happier and more relaxed.

Both dogs will see a veterinary ophthalmologist as soon as possible. The hope is that Jada’s cataract may be operable and that she would regain some sight.

Other than their vision problems, Sadie and Jada are in good health. Their caregivers describe them both as very sweet, affectionate and calm dogs. They love attention, like to sit on their special caregivers lap and cuddle. They loved to have their ears scratched and bellies rubbed. They also love to eat.

Sadie and Jada need a loving, caring home where they would be the only dogs. This special pair would return all a new owner’s care and attention with double their devotion and love. (CSRNE will pay for all ophthalmological care and eye medication.)

For more information call 605-547-3363 or email info@csrne.org