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President’s Appeal


2022 was CSRNE’s 35th anniversary. We had planned to celebrate at our auction, but for the past three years we’ve canceled the auction due to the pandemic.

I never thought we could have survived financially without the funds from our biggest fund raiser, but we have. Thanks to the constancy and generosity of our friends, we have been able to continue to rescue and provide care to needy and homeless cocker spaniels. This year, veterinary care has been more expensive than ever. We’ve brought our rescue cockers to almost every veterinary specialist there is.

The ophthalmology department at Tufts has provided care to Sable, Penny, Maggie and Brooklin.

The cardiology service at Bulger Veterinary Hospital has examined Nellie and Duchess and have advised their adopters on how to manage them at home. The surgeons at Bulger Veterinary Hospital have saved Onyx’s life by removing a mast cell tumor before it could spread.

The Neurology staff at Mass Vet Referral Hospital helps dogs maintain their mobility and the internal medicine department at Angell Animal Medical Center has given Hunter a much better quality of life.

Providing this special veterinary care is critically important to maintaining the health and well being of our rescue cockers. As I have said so often, “we are able to continue this important work, because you are right there with us, making it all possible.”

Thank you, from all of us and the needy ones who depend on you.

Happy New Year!

Gerry Foss
President, CSRNE