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In Memory of Max & Angie

This appeal is for contributions to CSRNE in memory of Max & Angie who were a bonded pair of cocker spaniels that were surrendered to CSRNE and adopted into a wonderful, very loving home!

This delightful brother & sister were surrendered at age 9 in 2017. CSRNE kept them together on Cape Cod for several months where Rick Hildebrandt watched over them until March 2018 when they were adopted into their forever home in Connecticut. They especially loved ball games and were endlessly mischievous conducting frequent raids on paper products, teasing each other with toys, and counter surfing. After spending every day of their 14 years together they passed away just a few weeks apart in December 2023.

While Max & Angie did have loving homes & happy lives, there are many abused, neglected and abandoned dogs that need support. All donations to CSRNE in March and April (up to a total $5,000) will be matched and will help CSRNE carry on their critical rescue work.

Please donate!

Max & Angie in front of the fire