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Woods the cocker spaniel


Male - 11 years

Woods the cocker spanielWoods a/k/a Woody a/k/a Woodrow is an 11 year old purebred Cocker Spaniel who is looking for his fur-ever home.

Woods is a handsome boy with a beautiful butterscotch coat. He is an active sporting dog that loves to hike (capable of up to 3-4 miles per hike), at least 3xs per week. He will kindly bug you when he wants to go out and hike, but is just as comfortable to hang at home next to his person. Woods also loves to play fetch with his tennis ball in the backyard.

Woods is looking for a home that is a low-traffic environment with no young children and a backyard to enjoy the outdoors when not hiking with his human to live out his golden years. He, also requires a comfy couch to nap and at bedtime prefers to be in the same room with his human with the luxury to either sleep on your bed or his bed on the floor in the same room. Woods sleeps quietly through the night waiting patiently for you to wake up. He’s up when you’re up, ready to start the day alongside you.
Woods is presently on medication to help curtail any anxiety he might have. However, he doesn’t illicit any anxiety for 90% of the time. In the right home, you wouldn’t even know that Woods has anxiety. I believe, in collaboration with the Veterinarian, he can be weaned off his puppy Prozac once comfortable in his new fur-ever home.

Woods is a gem, calm and patient with the veterinarians and groomers. He is well-behaved more than most dogs. He is also good with most dogs. He can coexist with another dog or two in a household. He prefers calm, respectful and gentler dogs of all sizes. He shows no aggression whatsoever to humans and dogs living in the household.

Woods has received positive-reinforcement training and comes with the following skills:

  • House Trained
  • Crate Trained
  • Muzzle Trained
  • Cooperative Care Trained
  • Excellent Loose-Leash Walking Skills
  • Can be left alone for up-to 8 hours without incident.
  • Proficient in the following skills and cues: sit, down, stay, recall and look

Woods is a sensitive boy that has a somewhat unknown past. He has come a long way since I first met him. He was known to have nipped a few individuals in a short time frame (original owner of 5 years pass away leaving him in unfamiliar surroundings and traumatized). He was a loyal dog showing no signs of aggression prior. Woods has and continues to receive training addressing any fear and/or anxiety that he may experience with strangers or unfamiliar humans and dogs. He will need someone to continue to work on his feelings with strangers alongside preventative management. He thrives in a structural and predictable environment.

We ask everyone interested in adopting to please fill out and send in our adoption application and restraint agreement before we invite you to meet any dogs. Once your application is approved, we can proceed!

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