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Bowie the cocker spaniel puppy


Male - 9 months

Bowie in the snow9-month old Bowie’s story is all too common. He was bred as a cockapoo in a Kentucky puppy mill, advertised for sale on the internet, put on a plane and flown to his new family in New Hampshire (which included several small children).

From the time Bowie was born, his life was stressed and unpredictable. Puppy mill dogs are not carefully bred or properly nurtured and socialized. And often they are made to understand and cope with the behavior of young children.

One night when Bowie was fast asleep, a young child physically startled him and he reacted by biting the child on the finger.

Since Bowie was not reliable with children, he was given up to the local Humane Society.

Bowie started “resource guarding” his food bowls, toys and anything he decided was his possession. He can be a very sweet, affectionate and playful dog but his unpredictable behavior made him unadoptable at the shelter.

Since Bowie is only 9-months old, the shelter hopes that he is young enough to respond to the right behavior modification program and become a reliable and adoptable little dog. So the shelter reached out to CSRNE.

Bowie in a crateYesterday, April 20th, Bowie took another long trip to a place where the staff understands dogs with his behavior issues, where he’ll be in a calm, stress free environment and receive the positive training he needs.

Hopefully Bowie’s next trip will be to the right adult-only “forever” home. We’ll keep you posted.

Editor’s note: CSRNE wants to thank a wonderful rescuer in Virginia who specializes in putting together long, complicated transports for rescue groups needing to get dogs to the right place.

Bowie was over 3 hours away from his final destination and neither CSRNE nor the shelter had volunteers who could drive him such a long distance.

With only 24 hours’ notice, the Virginia transport specialist arranged for three experienced people to drive the 3 legs of Bowie’s trip. Everything went off like clockwork and Bowie arrived at his final destination happy, tail wagging and excited to meet his new caregivers.

CSRNE is indebted to these four people who dropped everything to help save this little dog.