Angie and Maxie


Update: February, 2018

Angie and Maxie are brother and sister; they’ve lived together all their lives (they are nine years old) and they adore each other.  Both get stressed and cry if they’re not together.

Angie and Maxie love to be around people – they are very social dogs. They love an audience, they’re funny and will play endlessly with each other – they are much more entertaining than TV (they have also been known to counter surf as a team)!

Angie and Maxie like children and have had a lot of exposure to elementary age grandchildren.

Angie can be a bit of a diva when going for a leash walk – if she’s not in the mood she will just sit down and won’t budge. They were used to a big fenced yard and an owner who works from home. Angie can be protective of Maxie around other dogs so they must be the only dogs in their new home.

Maxie’s owner said he had a seizure three or four years ago and he was put on daily medication and he hasn’t had a seizure since. Their previous owner describes Angie and Maxie as “happy, playful cockers with great dispositions who love to be around people. Both are lovely dogs who like to be outside and run and play in a big fenced yard.”

Their foster mom and dad add, ” These 2 are a true bonded pair and always side by side. They kiss each other and play together. They will thrive in a home where they are the only two dogs and will provide lots of love and entertainment to whoever adopts them.♥