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Coco, Cookie, Milo and Lucy






Cookie and her 3 ten year old “kids” are ready to leave the city and settle into new homes in New England.

Three weeks ago, they all had a day of beauty at the groomers and the groomer said they were easy to groom and now look very spiffy!

On November 2nd, all 4 dogs went together to the vet for a general wellness exam.  Coco has a small skin growth on her right front paw and Melo had an ear infection that was treated with the long-acting BNT ear medication.  He also had a skin infection in his groin area and was put on 14 days of antibiotics.  All of them need a dental cleaning and CSRNE will have them rechecked when they settle in New England.  The staff at the vet’s office said they were “cute and well-behaved”.

Coco gets very high marks from her current owner who describes her as very intelligent, a social butterfly who loves attention, is very playful, beautiful and a joy to be around.  Whoever rescues her should consider themselves blessed.  She’s an amazing, loyal companion.

Melo is a big boy weighing in at 51lbs (the vet said he could lose some weight).  Several years ago Melo was diagnosed with allergies to fleas and dust mites as the probable cause of his ear infection.  CSRNE will have him checked out further for allergies and, if necessary, start him on the treatment for environmental allergies.

Melo has always lived with Lucy and their owner feels they are a bonded pair.  Melo loves children and his current owner feels he would flourish in a situation where children are around.  He loves to run and play in a fenced yard and go for leash walks.

Lucy is a beautiful black and white merle color.  She likes other dogs and she enjoys car rides.  She is happy and lovable and, like so many cockers, enjoys getting into an open garbage can.

CSRNE needs to settle these cockers in New England before the end of November.  Our caregivers will have a chance to further evaluate them for personality, activity level, personal quirks, etc.  We will have them rechecked by our vet for the progress of Melo’s ear treatment, schedule dental cleanings and provide any other care they may need.  The vet who examined them on 11/2 felt they were essentially healthy dogs with some typical cocker issues.

We’re anxious to place these socialized, affectionate cockers as soon as possible in loving, forever homes.

For more information, please call Gerry Foss at 603-547-3363.


Chase is a 10 year old neutered male. 




For general information, please call 603-547-3363 and speak with Gerry Foss.

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