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Virtual Adoptions

CSRNE Virtual Adoptions (Permanent Care Program)

Why Not Sponsor a Special-Needs Cocker of Your Very Own?

CSRNE is currently caring for a record number of cockers. This includes special-needs cockers who are older, have chronic medical problems, are blind or deaf, or have been traumatized by past abuse and neglect. Many of these cockers have been with us a long time and will likely never be adopted and many are Joey Fund cockers. For these dogs, CSRNE provides a lifetime haven through its Permanent Care Program.

A few live in foster homes while most are housed in small, family-owned boarding kennels or “group homes” where they receive lots of attention, exercise, specialized care for their medical needs, and training. They are cuddled, loved, and walked and have lots of toys and their own soft bed. We would love to see every rescue dog in his very own home but this is a good alternative for hard-to-adopt cockers.

This is however a very expensive program for CSRNE. The cost of special diets, medications, veterinary care, grooming, heartworm and flea preventatives plus the daily kenneling charge for the cockers in the program, is over $8,000 every month. Like many other nonprofits, CSRNE has felt the impact of a slow economy and significant job loss in New England. This combined with the continued over breeding of cocker spaniels has put CSRNE in a difficult financial situation. We desperately need your help to continue this program for special-needs cockers and hope you will sign up to be a CSRNE Virtual Adopter. By sponsoring one or more, you will help to greatly offset ongoing monthly expenses. Every dollar you pledge to sponsor one of these cockers will go to the direct care of your special dog. What will you receive in return? You will have the satisfaction of helping a dog who, despite being old or blind or traumatized by past abuse, still has worth and deserves a chance to live in contentment with those who care about his well-being. We hope you will become a CSRNE Virtual Adopter for one or more of the following cockers. All need daily medications and many are on special diets. Because of their health problems, few are likely to ever be adopted.

Setup a Monthly CSRNE Donation using PayPal to help our special cockers: