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CSRNE Adoption Form

Please take time to read the adoption procedures. We hope it will answer your questions about how CSRNE’s adoption process works.

We sincerely hope we can be of service to you. We ask that you fill out this questionnaire completely. It is designed to help you find the Cocker Spaniel most compatible with your lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to match the right dog with the right home for the enduring happiness of both dog and owner. Please attach another sheet if you need more space. Please fill this out in black ink.

Because the rescue cockers are Second Hand Dogs and have not had the benefit of having bonded with their new family since puppyhood and because we usually have no history on whether or not the rescue dogs were socialized around young children, CSRNE has decided that we cannot adopt to families with children under the age of 7 years. We realize that this policy may rule out some homes that would otherwise be wonderful but our first priority must be the safety of children.