Welcome to Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of New England. CSRNE is one of the oldest and largest cocker rescue groups in the country. We are composed of many volunteers throughout New England dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless cocker spaniels.

Since our inception in 1987 hundreds of abandoned or unwanted cockers found homes with caring, loving families. By networking with animal shelters, other rescue groups, and veterinarians CSRNE has saved, improved, and extended the lives of one of America’s most popular breeds.

Your donations make it possible for us to give needy cockers the care they need before we can place them in their forever home. Your support gives these cockers a second chance for a long and happy life.

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UPDATE (as of January 2) – We have a wonderful foster home for Laverne and Shirley!
Shirley has an appointment at Tufts Veterinary Hospital for a complete evaluation this Wednesday! 
SOS!  These 2 sweet cocker girls need our help and a foster home asap! 
Laverne and Shirley (their new names) were brought to a shelter by a kind, concerned friend.  They have both endured years of neglect and now need specialized veterinary care immediately.  Shirley has severe ear disease and will need surgery on both ears.  Both dogs have already had blood workups done which, surprisingly, are relatively good considering outward signs of complete neglect.  What’s really amazing is their sweet, happy dispositions despite their lifetimes of absolute neglect.  They now need specialty veterinary evaluations and care as soon as possible!
These 2 sweet dogs have always lived together and really need each other especially now.  We want to get both cockers to a specialty veterinary care center for complete evaluations right away but we can’t proceed until we have a caring foster home for them.  That care will likely be either in Grafton, MA, Boston, MA or Scarborough, ME.  If you can help with fostering them and live near one of these three locations, please call 603-547-3363 or email info@CSRNE.org.


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Jake and his friends are so CUTE!

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Janey,  a special senior, needs a loving foster home.


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Phoebe is ADOPTED!

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Scooter Thanks His Friends!

Back in March, CSRNE took in Scooter and he is in a wonderful foster home which will soon become his forever home!
We had a fundraiser to raise money for his double total ear ablations surgery but then the pandemic hit and Tufts Veterinary Hospital was forced to close for all but emergency surgeries!
Rescued Scooter had his double ear ablation at Tufts on Thursday, July 16th and it was a complete success! On July 18th he was returned to his foster Mom and is recovering very well! Here is a photo of Scooter seeing his foster-Mom for the first time after his surgery! All smiles!!!!

Thank you again to EVERYONE who donated toward Scooter’s surgery! We couldn’t help these wonderful pups without your help!!!!


Scooter is an adorable, sweet, 9 year old Cocker Spaniel whose owner recently passed away and he needs medical help from CSRNE.
Both of Scooter’s ears are severely infected and calcified, and both will need TECA (total ear canal ablations) to relieve him of the constant pain and allow him to live the happy,
healthy life he deserves.
TECA is a very expensive surgery.




Another glimpse into fostering…


Photo: Dr. McCarthy, Surgeon at Tufts Veterinary Medical Center, evaluating Leah

Martha tells us…

Fostering Leah has been an absolute joy.  She came to us on January 12, 2020 with a severe ear condition in her left ear which was going to require a total ear ablation. Her ear was very painful looking…swollen and closed. Even though she was on Gabapentin we knew she was still in pain. She was much too quiet and slept a lot. In spite of all this she adjusted very well…snuggling, giving kisses and becoming best friends with her new brother,Ozzy.
Leah’s ear surgery was January 24th and she came through it beautifully. She came home 3 days later happier and more energetic than she was before! She was so happy to be back…even with the cone her tail never stopped wagging when she started playing with Ozzy again! She was always a perfect patient taking her meds.  She’s also on Thyroid meds which she needs twice a day and there’s never been a problem.
According to Dr. MK at Tufts Leah’s right ear has a polyp near the ear canal and we’ve been treating it with steroids and ear cleaner hoping to avoid surgery. She is so good about ear cleaning.  She can’t wait for her treat when we’re done! She caught on very quickly where the treat jar is!
Leah has a few favorite toys.  One of them is a small stuffed lamb we called “Lamb chop”.  She wants everyone to see Lamb  chop and greets everyone at the door with Lamb Chop in her mouth. Her tail doesn’t stop while we say hello to Lamb chop!
If Leah does need more surgery in the future I know she will come through it like the trooper she is.  She’s such an amazing, lovable little cocker!
We can’t say enough about what a sweet little girl she is!  We are enjoying every day with her!


Everybody loves a Happy Cocker Story…


Deborah adopted Tina from CSRNE 2 years ago and in June 2020 she reports:
Tina did great at the Eye Dr’s today! She is taking 3 different kinds of drops for her glaucoma, and is allowing me to administer no problem!! Thank you New England Cocker Spaniel Rescue for all of your help! 
CLICK HERE for a video of Tina 


Meet Jake the foster dog and hear the story of first-time foster parents Terry and Dave. Keep scrolling for lots of photos and the whole story!


Jake is a handsome 10 year old chocolate cocker whose mom had to ask CSRNE to find temporary foster care for him while she searches for an apartment that will take Jake. Terry and Dave are CSRNE volunteers in assorted ways (but never as fosters) and have had cockers for over 33 years, recently losing their 15 year old girl JoJo. Not planning to foster, but COVID changed a lot of things and when asked by CSRNE President Gerry Foss if they could help out Jake and his mom they didn’t hesitate to say YES. 


As they waited for Jake, Terry and Dave were both nervous and excited about the concept of fostering and how the other pets would react. Jake arrived a week ago and has been the perfect gentleman, fitting right in with their existing senior cocker girl, Nikita, and their slightly suspicious house cat. His mom raised him right and he is a great boy as a first foster experience. Jake is enjoying walks, naps, all the different pet beds, car rides and especially boat rides while he waits for his mom to find the perfect new home for him. 



If you’ve never fostered, Terry and Dave would say…Think about it and give it a try. Each dog is perfect in their own special way and fostering is important to the entire rescue process! This experience has been a win-win-win! 


Jake would say…I really miss my mom bunches, but these foster humans are great!


The End! Thanks for reading our story!


cocker-bar1Randy Price

Randy Price has been a wonderful CSRNE supporter for 22 years and he is now officially retired from TV news in Boston. Our volunteer Elizabeth Z. Maglio created this great tribute to Randy. Please take a moment to enjoy it!




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Woof! Our 22nd Annual Joey Fund Auction was great!

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We have a new way to support CSRNE and to honor our biggest fan and Joey Fund Honorary Chairperson Randy Price. As he retired from WCVB Channel 5 we established the Randy Price Lifetime Care Fund!


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Here is a link to an article in Woof Magazine’s July 2018 issue

on “Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats”


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A huge “thank you” to all CSRNE supporters. You make it possible for us to help those neglected and homeless cocker spaniels move on to their forever homes. Thank you to all of you from all of us at CSRNE.

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