Because of your support, in the last month the Joey Fund has provided expensive specialty veterinary care for 10 of our rescue cockers!

We couldn’t help these dogs without your generous donations to the Joey Fund. Thanks to you, 10 cockers feel¬†much better and several of them have already been adopted.



* Adorable Teddy was a mess when we rescued him right before Christmas. He had needed an abdominal mass removed (benign thank goodness) and he just had bilateral ear ablation surgery to remove the source of his painful ear infection. He’s back home and recuperating with his foster parents and doing well.¬† (photo with name under it)

* Skye, Milo and Frankie all had serious dental disease and needed surgery for multiple extractions as well as a thorough cleaning. they have healthy teeth and gums and a pearly white smile!


* Sweet eight year old Copper decided to chase a squirrel and ended up tearing his ACL. He had orthopedic surgery and is now in doggy rehab to strengthen his muscles (we hope he knows his squirrel chasing days are over).


* Six year old Sophia went in to be spayed and ended up also having a mammary tumor removed. Fortunately the biopsy was benign. She recuperated quickly and is back to playing with her toys.

* Monte and Coco are two of our allergy dogs who need regular visits to a veterinary dermatologist to stay healthy and itch free. Both of them are responding very well to the new drug Apoquel.


* Cleveland has a staph resistant infection and needed an ear flush procedure to get rid of the bacteria and debris. He also needed several months of medications and weekly special baths. He also had a dental procedure and ongoing treatment for dry eye and hypothyroidism.


* And finally, nine month old Jace was treated for a persistent giardia infection and he was neutered. He’s feeling much better and back to digging holes.

From all of us at CSRNE, we THANK YOU!!!!