Seasonal CSRNE Merchandise


Cocker Paws are made for digging! Why not scroll down and see what they have dug up for you to buy while supporting CSRNE…




CSRNE_candles_2017 …CLICK here to order candles customized with our Cutest Pet winners


CSRNE_Wine_2017 …CLICK here to get in the spirit with wine customized with our Cutest Pet winners

CSRNE_calendar_2018 …CLICK here to order your 2018 CSRNE Cutest Pet Contest Calendar

CSRNE_Mug…CLICK here to order our sturdy and beautiful mug!

CSRNE_Tee_SS2CSRNE_Tee_SS1 …CLICK here to order a cool spic-n-spaniel tee!


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