Sara and Chloe


Sara and Chloe are as sweet as they come. Their foster mom says “they are both funny, social dogs who love attention”.  But Sara will need eye surgery so we need a special foster home. 

Sara and Chloe are a true bonded pair and very devoted to each other. They just love their beds and their squeeky toys.

When we took Sara and Chloe into rescue we knew they had been loved in their original home but they had not received regular vet exams and follow up care. When our vet gave them a thorough exam, including several blood and urine tests, we got a better picture of their health issues.

Our vet was also concerned about their eye health we brought Sara and Chloe to a veterinary ophthalmologist for thorough eye exams. Chloe has an immature cataract in her left eye and she gets eye drops twice a day. Sara had elevated pressures in both eyes and she is now on a regimen on four different eye medications. She just had an ERG (electro retina gram) to determine is her retinas are function. She is now a candidate for a procedure which will hopefully preserve the sight in at least one eye. The vet wants to do this asap.

We are eager to proceed with Sara’s eye treatment but her current wonderful foster mom has a very busy schedule grooming, boarding and training dogs and she doesn’t have the time to follow the post surgical eye medication regimen which must be carefully adhered to.  Sara will also need to have several veterinary ophthalmologist rechecks and her practice is in Whateley, MA.

We’re hoping there is a cocker angel out there who would enjoy having two sweet affectionate devoted cockers to care for and enjoy and help us save Sara’s sight!

CSRNE will pay for all the costs involved in caring for Sara and Chloe – meds, food, grooming, vet expenses, gas, etc.

We know we’re asking a lot especially during summer vacation time but we have to try – saving Sara’s sight is so important.

Can you help? We’ll even give you a free CSRNE tee shirt. Please call 603-547-3363 or email