Lulu and Sammy


Update: February, 2018

We rescued this sweet bonded pair in October 2016. The animal control officer found them curled up together on the side of a dirt road just waiting for help. They were starved, emactiated, dirty but so friendly and grateful for human attention.

Lulu and Sammy (we named them) are probably a mother and son bonded pair. Sammy wants to be with Lulu all the time and he cries pitifully if he cannot see her; Lulu is devoted to him – sometimes she’ll likc him from head to toe!

Both Lulu and Sammy have been thoroughly vetted. They were successfully treated for heartworm disease and are now free of heartworm. Lulu had painful untreated glaucoma in one eye and has been seen several times by a veterinary opthalmologist who recommded her eye be removed. She’s is now pain free and she’s on different eye meds in her good eye. Lulu is normally active and gets around fine. Sammy has infrequent mild seizures – our vet did blood work which was normal and he’s not on any medication.

Both Lulu and Sammy are healthy, affectionate loving cockers. They adore their current foster mom and dad and they need a home where they’ll be the only dogs with people who are around a lot. They behave well in a car.

Lulu and Sammy were our 2017 Joey Fund Poster Dogs. They attended our auction in October and loved all the attention they received. They are truly velcro cockers. They only need each other and a home where they will be cherished and loved – as all cockers should be.