Jada and Sadie






Five year old Jada and her best buddy, six year old Sadie, are a truly bonded pair – and they’re both blind.

Although Sadie, a neutered male, is blind he always knows where Jada is – and she relies on him. When they go for leash walks with their mom, Sadie is the leader and he walks ahead of his mom and Jada follows behind her – it’s quite the parade.

Sadie was especially attached to his dad who died a few months ago. He was his loyal companion and stayed right with him throughout his illness. He was also with him when he died.

Jada and Sadie’s owner now can’t afford to care for them and she’s anxious to get them both to a veterinary ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam and treatment.

Our wonderful volunteer took them both to be groomed and vetted the week of August 7th.

The groomers adored both dogs. “Jada is a real sweetheart” and Sadie was fine once he was lifted onto the grooming table (because he is blind he was a bit panicked by being lifted by strangers but he settled down quickly.) Now both dogs are clean and beautiful!

Our vet diagnosed Jada with juvenile cataracts and we hope they’re operable and she can regain some sight. Sadie has cataracts and glaucoma, he’s now on two eye medications to help reduce the pressure in his eyes.

The immediate need is to find a loving, caring adult only home for these two special cockers. CSRNE will pay for all ophthalmological care and medications. Our vet said both dogs are otherwise in good health.

Both Jada And Sadie were purchased from a Manchester, NH pet store at 12 weeks of age. They started going blind when they were about 4 years old. Their condition, juvenile cataracts, is genetic so the purchased them from an irresponsible puppy  mill that is breeding cocker puppies with the gene  for juvenile cataracts. But quite frankly the puppy mill doesn’t care – they’ve already gotten their money and now it’s Jada and Sadie who will pay the real price for the irresponsible breeding practices of mercenary puppy mills and the pet stores who so carelessly purchase their puppies.

We can only help dogs like Jada and Sadie if you, our friends, become their advocates. Do you know a special person who might be willing to give these two dogs the care and attention they so deserve?

We know we’re looking for a rare individual who has the time to care for Jada and Sadie but we’re hoping their cocker angel is out there somewhere willing and able to help these two devoted cockers.

For more information call 605-547-3363 or email info@csrne.org