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(Please make sure you have read our write-up about adopting a puppy BEFORE submitting an application — Click HERE  to read it.)

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Our volunteer spent a good deal of time getting to know Caesar at the city shelter. She said, “He’s a lovely little dog with the most glorious black coat that glimmers in the sunshine.” Caesar is “mostly cocker” and he has his beautiful, full natural tail.

Caesar was shy at first and wasn’t ready to approach our volunteer for a few minutes – he was mostly interested in the smells in the play yard but once our volunteer sat on the ground and started offering him hot dog bits he agreed to come to her and gently took the treat, but didn’t want to be touched. He was somewhat distracted by strangers outside of the fence and he barked at them. After a short time, he regularly returned to our volunteer and finally allowed her to stroke him, run her hand over his back and scratch the base of his tail. He was a bit tentative, started to move away, then returned and parked himself against her leg and thoroughly enjoyed the stroking. He also did not submissively piddle during the time he was with her which he had been doing in his shelter cage when people approached him.

After two months of lots of play, long leash walks and living with our calm, easygoing caregivers, 10 month old Caesar is coming out of his shell. He loves his long walks and he’s calm when passing and their dogs – he is becoming a more confident young dog. His caregivers describe him as a “sweetie” and a “real love bug.” He does need a short time to get to know strangers but as he gains in confidence this will no longer be an issue. He can still submissively piddle if a stranger comes up to him quickly but he doesn’t do this with people he knows.

Caesar was neutered on May 6, 2019. He is not 100% housebroken and he’ll need an owner who is willing to put him on the puppy schedule for house training. He’s smart and should respond quickly to a carefully followed schedule.

Caesar needs a gentle, structured home and patient people who will give him the time he needs to adjust to a new environment. He’d love a fenced yard for ball chasing. Caesar came from a non-English speaking home and when we first met him he didn’t appear to know any English commands or phrases. He is smart and is picking up on important words – especially if treats are offered.

(Please make sure you have read our write-up about adopting a puppy BEFORE submitting an application — Click HERE  to read it.)


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