Why Not Adopt a Special-Needs Cocker of Your Very Own

If you are unable to adopt or provide foster care for a rescue cocker at this time but still want to help, here’s the perfect solution!

tasha1At any given time, CSRNE has many convalescing cockers who have just undergone major surgery. They’ve left the operating room but now must spend time in the recovery room. They need to heal and regain their strength before they can be adopted into their forever homes. All require ongoing medication and close care.

CSRNE’s Joey Fund was created for exactly this purpose: to provide treatment to those cockers facing extraordinary needs. By donating to the Joey Fund, you are giving the gift of sight to a blind cocker, relieving the constant pain of a cocker with chronic ear infections, and making life worth living again for the many cockers whose health has been ignored or neglected before they were rescued.

You can direct your Joey Fund donation to one of the Recovery Room Cockers listed below. In essence, you are sponsoring one (or more) of these cockers – helping offset the cost of their surgery or treatment and the ongoing expenses necessary for their recuperation. Sponsors will be listed on our website.

Please help these cockers who, up until their rescue, have led such miserable lives by sponsoring a Recovery Room Cocker through your donation to the Joey Fund.

CLICK HERE to see available Adult Cockers

Donate Online:

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Donate to the Joey fund for veterinary care and medical needs - The Joey Fund:

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