CSRNE Cockers Spaniels happy at last in their forever home!

rusty21Happy adoptions and successful placements are what CSRNE volunteers and the rescue community work towards. When a Cocker Spaniel finds a responsible, loving home, it’s very exciting and rewarding. These happy endings should be shared and celebrated

There is one thing that makes us sad. A lot of our friends are still at the CSRNE foster homes and they really want a home of their own. Please take a minute to look at their pictures and adopt one of them. You will not be sorry as they will be so grateful that they will give you tons of love and affection in return. CSRNE does not have enough room for all the Cockers in shelters so if you adopt one of our friends, it will make room for another Cocker.

The following Cocker Spaniels have been adopted and are finally resting their heads in their forever homes. We wish our families much happiness and love with their new found family member.

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