Why Are These Dogs Abandoned?


There are many reasons why a cocker ends up at CSRNE. Sometimes the original owner buys a dog on impulse, such as a cute little puppy at the pet store. The owner is not prepared for the usual problems such as housebreaking and chewing. The owner may have bought the dog for a child who may be too young to be responsible for the dog. Other reasons for abandoning a cocker include moving, inability to handle behavioral problems and the challenge of arranging care when the owner travels.

A Cocker Spaniel can live 12 to 15 years or more. If you are ready for this commitment, your life will be enriched in unimaginable ways!

Remember, when you adopt a cocker you are committing to the entire life of your dog.

It’s spring, more cockers are scheduled to come into rescue, keep your eye on this page.

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