ColorBrown & White


Reference IDRudy_2016

Pet description

ADOPTED Rudy is a wonderful boy! He is happy, healthy, playful, loves to play outside and likes to snuggle right up next to someone on the sofa.

His current caregiver says he looks and acts like a dog half his age - Rudy is 13 years old. He was just examined by a vet and everything checked out fine.

Rudy really likes children. He recently attended a gathering of 19 Girl Scouts and he was the hit of the party - he loved all the attention showered on him.  He enjoys sleeping in his caregiver's daughter's  bedroom on his own special blanket.

Rudy is housebroken; he is currently living with someone who is in and out all day and is on a predictable schedule - he will bark if he has to go out.

Rudy wags his tail when he meets a stranger, he likes other dogs and cats and he'll eat anything - (including the bathroom tissue).

Rudy's caretaker says, "he is a sweet dog and has lots of love to give."

Rudy loved his original owner all of his life - now he needs someone special to love for the rest of his life.