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Pet description

ADOPTED Manny is a small, happy, playful 3 year old boy who loves his tennis ball - he could play fetch all day long.  He really enjoys being outside - he needs an active owner who likes to go on long walks, throw a ball endlessly and has a big fenced-in yard!

Manny is happy to meet new people - after all you never know who likes to play ball!  He likes older kids and most other dogs.

 What Manny does not like is seeing the vet.  He had never been to the vet's office before and he found the whole experience quite upsetting.  He howled when the vet gave him his shots and drew blood.  He really is a sensitive boy.  He was very happy to get back in the car and leave that awful place where strangers stick needles in you!

 Manny tested mildly positive for Lyme and Anaplasmosis but he is asymptomatic for both.  He's on doxycycline for 30 days which is the routine treatment.  The vet also found a cataract in one of his eyes.

Manny has settled into his new kennel environment very well - he likes people, especially people who like to throw a tennis ball!