Reference IDHannah_2015

Pet description

Hannah did not get to this level of neglect in just a few months. It takes a long time to get this badly matted and infected. Her hind end was so cast matted that she had trouble walking – in fact she was so desperate that she kept trying to pull the mats out herself.

To add to her distress, Hannah couldn’t see because both of her eyes were full of a yellowish sticky discharge and she couldn’t really open them all the way.

Fast forward shortly after coming to CSRNE – Hannah was given meds for her ears and eyes, bathed and groomed and a lot of TLC.  She was ready to go to a new home.

Fast forward a bit more – Hannah was ADOPTED and is living the great life. She’s fast becoming the first mate on HER boat. She’s loving every minute and her new “parents” are loving every minute with Hannah.  It’s the way it’s supposed to be!!  Thank you to her wonderful new family!!

Lots more Hannah photos - before and after!!  http://csrne.org/Hannah/