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Pet description

ADOPTED Tessa has a wonderful personality! She is a perky, outgoing, happy cocker - and you would never know she is blind.

Tessa has juvenile cataracts in both eyes but this doesn't slow her down a bit. Her current caregiver says "she's great" she loves to go for leash walks and walks confidently ahead of her caregiver. she's eager to get outside and smell all the good things dogs like to check out. She's happy to meet new people and gently jumps up to put her paws on their knees.

Tessa's previous owner describes her as a happy, energetic cocker who followed her from room to room. She also says, "Tessa loves to play, loves to cuddle, and is a really good girl - she's a love sponge."

Our vet examined her and said she's a healthy cocker. The next step is to get Tessa to veterinary ophthalmologist to have her retinas checked before removing her cataracts. It would be wonderful to place Tessa in a forever home before her cataract procedure is done.

Tessa is a seven year old cocker with a real can-do attitude. She hasn't been inhibited by her blindness and it will be a joy to restore her sight so she can see the faces of those who love her and truly enjoy the wonders of her world.