Reference IDSienna_2014

Pet description

ADOPTED Sienna is a very sweet and affectionate 1 year old cocker.  She is a very petite cocker with lots of energy. Sienna loves to play and run around the yard but also adores her relaxation time.  She is a Velcro foster who follows her foster mom everywhere and likes to be with people;  she is excellent with children and other dogs.  She is a happy tinkler and only pees in the house if she gets nervous, otherwise she is doing wonderfully with her house training.   Sienna needs a home with someone who has time to devote to playing with her and taking her for walks and just spending time with her.  She is VERY gentle and does not bark. Sienna is still very puppyish and will grab things that are left on the floor. She is extremely QUICK and quiet. Stealth.

As with all puppies, she'll need obedience training, her housebreaking routine continued, a puppy proofed house, and Sienna will need lots playtime, preferably in a big fenced yard with another young, playful dog.

All of this training and patience will result in a sweet tempered, well behaved, affectionate companion who will be devoted to her adopter for life.