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ADOPTED - Lilly's new owner says "Lilly is doing great and she has brought such joy to our home."  Way to go, Lilly!!!

Lilly's Update....  On Saturday December 20th, we were notified by the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England, that a 7 year old Cocker by the name of Lilly was available and waiting for us.  She was located 20 minutes West of Springfield MA.  The drive did not bother us and we proceeded with great anticipation.  When we reached the Rescue home, we were greeted by the happiest, most outgoing Cocker I have ever met.  Lilly smothered us with Kisses and then we started the necessary game of Fetch.  There was really no doubt that we wanted Lilly to be a part of our family.  Away we drove off, back to Lilly's new home.  After one "doggie business and water stop", our final destination was reached.

Once inside the house, I did little to discipline Lilly.  A constant eye was kept on her at all times, however.  I did this to let Lilly get out all her anxiousness of her new home and explore all the new nooks and crannies.  I made observations on training her the next day by seeing what she did that previous night.  Lilly is a tremendously fun dog.  She has a lot of energy, but has already been trained when it is time to slow down and lay in her bed for time out and sleeping purposes.  There is no problem with playing fetch.  She enjoys both her ball and squeaky toy.  She is a joy to walk and loves to go at a rapid pace.  I prefer this as it helps tire her out.

Right now, Lilly does have some separation anxiety. At first, If one person from the house left, she would cry even if another person stayed home.  She has now outgrown this behavior.  However, when all of us are gone {work, school}, we have no idea how she acts.  We do keep a radio on and I put a sweat shirt that I have worn, in her bed, to give off my scent.  Hopefully, she is doing OK alone.  It is really tough to leave her in that position.  Once home, we make up for lost time and are by Lilly's side basically until bedtime [ or she is by our side!}.

One last note on Lilly... I am willing to bet that Lilly can wag her tail Faster than any other Cocker.  Sometimes it looks like she has a hummingbird taped to her rear.

After putting down our last Cocker, Pearl, last August, our family felt incomplete.  We felt a mourning time was necessary, however.  Today having Lilly in our lives makes us feel complete again.  We look forward to many years of adventure.  Our thanks to the CSRNE for all the tremendous work they did to make this possible.  I would recommend this organization to anyone to adopt a wonderful Cocker Spaniel.   Rob