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Pet description

ADOPTED Nikki's fate was left to a posting on Craig's List but fortunately the kind woman who took her called us.

Nikki was dirty and matted, scratching her ears and licking her paws; she was very stressed, panting heavily and overweight.

After two trips to the vet and a trip to the groomer, Nikki is feeling so much better; she's on ear meds for a minor infection and she gets an anti-fungal med twice a day to clear up the infection between her toes. A blood test revealed that she is hypothyroid and she now takes the very inexpensive thyroid pills two times a day. After a thorough exam, our vet said she was a healthy and very loving dog.  When we asked him how old Nikki was, he thought a minute and said, "Well, she's not five and she's not twelve, so let's go with about nine years old!"

Nikki's foster mom bubbles with enthusiasm when she describes her - "She's an excellent dog - a really phenomenal dog - exceedingly gentle and calm and she just loves to cuddle." The groomer added her her praise when she said, " She's wonderful! - so easy to groom." Nikki likes everyone she meets - "she's exceedingly friendly."

Nikki loves to be outside; she gets very excited when she knows it's time for her leash walk. During the day she needs to get out to piddle about every four hours or so, but she sleeps through the night - on her foster mom's head of course.

Nikki will make someone a wonderful companion. We'd like to find her a home with a person who is around a lot and wants the company of a gently, loving cocker spaniel.