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ADOPTED Toby's foster mom says "he's 100% puppy!" This beautiful one year boy is having a ball playing chase games in the snow with the other cocker in the big fenced yard at his foster home. When Toby comes into the house, he likes to play with his ball and squeaky toys but he's also a "velcro" cocker and wants to stay close to his foster mom and wriggle and cuddle with her when she sits on the sofa.

Toby likes his cocker buddies but is afraid of larger dogs (German shepherd size) and he'll bark and even try to go after them.

Toby was just neutered and the vets were amazed at his gentle cooperative nature. When he was lifted onto the exam table, he quietly laid right down and calmly let the vet examine him everywhere. He loved all the people he met at the vet hospital and he received an A+ for his excellent behavior with all the veterinary staff.

Like all puppies and young active dogs, Toby needs a lot of human interaction and active play time in a big fenced yard. He'd do well with another young, active dog; he'd enjoy the stimulation and companionship of a buddy that's about his size.

Toby is ready to start beginner obedience classes; he's a very smart cocker and he'd respond well to the mental challenge of learning new commands, games, etc.  He'd also learn not to be afraid of bigger dogs.

If you're home most of the day, like to take long walks and play with an active young dog and enjoy cuddling with a sweet happy cocker, Toby may be the right dog for you.