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Bailey is loving his new home. He's living the good life. He writes:

Hi everyone, it's me...Bailey. It took me awhile to write because I've been so busy in my forever home. My new mom and dad have me pretty busy throughout the day that I can't wait to relax at night. I go for a walk with mom in the neighborhood almost daily and take part of the day to run errands with her. I love riding in the car. I usually get to co-pilot in the passenger belted for safety, of course! Then it's time for my daily brushing and playing in the yard before my new mom goes to work. She can bring me to work sometimes. She did the other day and, boy..was that cool! I was a BIG hit! Plus I got lots of treats while I was there. :) As for my new dad, he sleeps really soundly and I get on the bed and snuggle right next to him. He doesn't even know I do this until he wakes up in the morning. By then, it's to late for him to do anything about it but give me lots of hugs! I don't think he really minds me snuggled next to him anyways! I get plenty of treats and a lot of attention every day! I pick out a new toy each week at the local pet store. The louder the squeaker is the better but it has to be a soft toy that squeaks. :) I even get to spend time at the lake! I chase my ball into the water with my new dad and just graduated to not wearing a life preserver while I'm retreiving my ball! But my new mom and dad are always keeping an eye on me and don't let me go too far out. We go kayaking and boating (they make me wear a life preserver) too. No matter what activity we do together I meet plenty of other folks and animals along the way. It's really neat! I couldn't have done any of this without my foster mom and dad (Sherry and Ralph). I will never forget you! You are the reason I am where I am today! You loved me and cared for me when no one else could or would. You are my angels! I know my forever family really appreciate all that you have done too because they talk about it to each other ALOT! And, my ears perk up when I hear them on the phone with you asking questions. I miss my canine siblings at my foster family's home but really enjoy being top dog where I am. Well, I better go for now. I have to get a good nights sleep for an early morning boat ride on the lake tomorrow! I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing over the next few months. Good night for now! Ruf!

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