Scooter - Male

ADOPTED Scooter goes to school - Scooter's past:

This very people oriented affectionate cocker lived most of his life alone, in a kennel in the basement. He had an automatic dog feeder and a dog door that went out to a small fenced area

Scooter's past. Living such a solitary life, Scooter missed out on all the world's sights, sounds, and smells that make a dog's life so interesting (to say nothing of the lack of human warmth and interaction.)

But now Scooter's catching up on all he missed out on for so long. Thanks to trainer, Karen B., who is fostering Scooter for CSRNE, Scooter is now out and about savoring all the many pleasures he missed as well as learning to be a well trained dog. Karen is even hoping to get him his canine good citizenship certification

Scooter's present - by Karen B.

Scooter missed out on a lot in his life, but he is now ready to catch up!  He is eager to please and really loves his training sessions.  Despite being 9 years young, he is proving he is not too old to learn a few new tricks!  He has worked hard to learn the proper manners befitting a gentleman.  He is doing exceptionally with proper obedience work (heel, front, sit, down, stand, moving down, moving stand, long sit, long stay, and recall) and with a little more polishing, he could go on to get is Companion Dog title!  He also has mastered loose-leash walking with an automatic sit, waiting for permission before entering or exiting doors (house, car), going to a down position to wait for meals, and the “place” command (go to your place), and more.  He also has a couple of tricks up his sleeve too - like a “high five”!  Scooter loves meeting new friends, both the four-legged and two-legged variety.   He doesn’t really understand yet how to play with other dogs, but he is friendly to them! 

Sienna - Female

ADOPTED Sienna is a very sweet and affectionate 1 year old cocker.  She is a very petite cocker with lots of energy. Sienna loves to play and run around the yard but also adores her relaxation time.  She is a Velcro foster who follows her foster mom everywhere and likes to be with people;  she is excellent with children and other dogs.  

Spy aka Henry - Female

Spy is one of Sienna's puppies. He was recently adopted and is living the good life with his forever family. 

Tessa - Female

ADOPTED Tessa has a wonderful personality! She is a perky, outgoing, happy cocker - and you would never know she is blind.

Tessa has juvenile cataracts in both eyes but this doesn't slow her down a bit. Her current caregiver says "she's great" she loves to go for leash walks and walks confidently ahead of her caregiver. she's eager to get outside and smell all the good things dogs like to check out. She's happy to meet new people and gently jumps up to put her paws on their knees.

Timmy - Male

A note from Timmy's new adopters."As you can see, Timmy and Lady are doing great together. We had a young friend who came to visit and wanted to bring a gift, so Timmy got a red bow tie and Lady got a red flower. We just love him. As you said, he is a sweetheart! It took a while until he got use to our food, our feeding times, our backyard, sleeping arrangements, etc. but now it is old hat! We know he is happy in his forever home and his new BFF, Lady!" 

Toby - Male

ADOPTED Toby's foster mom says "he's 100% puppy!" This beautiful one year boy is having a ball playing chase games in the snow with the other cocker in the big fenced yard at his foster home. When Toby comes into the house, he likes to play with his ball and squeaky toys but he's also a "velcro" cocker and wants to stay close to his foster mom and wriggle and cuddle with her when she sits on the sofa.