Ralph - Male

ADOPTED - YAY!!! Ralph has been adopted.  A very happy tale.

Reggie - Male

ADOPTED Reggie has lived with his original family since he was an 11 week old puppy; recently they moved and couldn't take 9 year old Reggie with them.

Reggie is a lovable, active cocker, who likes being with people. He enjoys meeting new people who come to his house and he greets them enthusiastically and does his "happy bark".

Reggie really loves to be outside, he likes long walks and enjoys checking out all the different smells. He's very friendly to any strangers he meets on his walks.

Rudy - Male

ADOPTED Rudy is a wonderful boy! He is happy, healthy, playful, loves to play outside and likes to snuggle right up next to someone on the sofa.

His current caregiver says he looks and acts like a dog half his age - Rudy is 13 years old. He was just examined by a vet and everything checked out fine.

Rudy really likes children. He recently attended a gathering of 19 Girl Scouts and he was the hit of the party - he loved all the attention showered on him.  He enjoys sleeping in his caregiver's daughter's  bedroom on his own special blanket.

Rusty - Male


I'm Rusty! I have been in my new forever home for 2 weeks . It's wonderful! Every day my new mom and I trudge through snow and over snow banks so we can go for my daily walks in quiet neighborhoods. I'm walking very well on my leash. When I get home, I love to take a nap on my soft doggie bed. I get lots of play time outside and belly rubs inside.

Sadie - Female


Happy ending  1-27-2017

We rescued 13 year old Sadie on Christmas day - great gifts really do come in small packages! She is tiny, sweet and indomitable - a real survivor. She adjusted to her foster home quickly, ate like a shark and slept on the best doggie bed. She gained weight and looks great.  And best of all she was just adopted (Jan. 25, 2017).

Sadie and 12 year old Colby, her new cocker brother, already curl up together on their big comfy dog bed. Not a bad way to spend bleak mid-winter!  Her mom says "She is the sweetest little girl."

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to foster Sadie at such short notice.

Scooter - Male

ADOPTED Scooter goes to school - Scooter's past:

This very people oriented affectionate cocker lived most of his life alone, in a kennel in the basement. He had an automatic dog feeder and a dog door that went out to a small fenced area

Scooter's past. Living such a solitary life, Scooter missed out on all the world's sights, sounds, and smells that make a dog's life so interesting (to say nothing of the lack of human warmth and interaction.)

But now Scooter's catching up on all he missed out on for so long. Thanks to trainer, Karen B., who is fostering Scooter for CSRNE, Scooter is now out and about savoring all the many pleasures he missed as well as learning to be a well trained dog. Karen is even hoping to get him his canine good citizenship certification

Scooter's present - by Karen B.

Scooter missed out on a lot in his life, but he is now ready to catch up!  He is eager to please and really loves his training sessions.  Despite being 9 years young, he is proving he is not too old to learn a few new tricks!  He has worked hard to learn the proper manners befitting a gentleman.  He is doing exceptionally with proper obedience work (heel, front, sit, down, stand, moving down, moving stand, long sit, long stay, and recall) and with a little more polishing, he could go on to get is Companion Dog title!  He also has mastered loose-leash walking with an automatic sit, waiting for permission before entering or exiting doors (house, car), going to a down position to wait for meals, and the “place” command (go to your place), and more.  He also has a couple of tricks up his sleeve too - like a “high five”!  Scooter loves meeting new friends, both the four-legged and two-legged variety.   He doesn’t really understand yet how to play with other dogs, but he is friendly to them!