Lily - Female

ADOPTED - Lilly's new owner says "Lilly is doing great and she has brought such joy to our home."  Way to go, Lilly!!!

Lilly's Update....  On Saturday December 20th, we were notified by the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England, that a 7 year old Cocker by the name of Lilly was available and waiting for us.  She was located 20 minutes West of Springfield MA.  The drive did not bother us and we proceeded with great anticipation.  When we reached the Rescue home, we were greeted by the happiest, most outgoing Cocker I have ever met.  Lilly smothered us with Kisses and then we started the necessary game of Fetch.  There was really no doubt that we wanted Lilly to be a part of our family.  Away we drove off, back to Lilly's new home.  After one "doggie business and water stop", our final destination was reached.

Lucky - Male

Hi everyone at CSRNE...although it has been a rainy summer, we have gotten some good kayaking in and Lucky is just one very happy boy.  He races us down to the dock and if the boat is in the water, he is in it before me!

Mack - Male

ADOPTED This is Mack with his new forever family. He is having a wonderful time playing with all his new buddies.

This adorable one year old cockerpoo is a happy, playful, peppy puppy! He is a busy, active boy who loves to wrestle with his foster mom's Maltese - he'd do very well in a home that has another young, playful dog-friendly dog (the 14 year old dog who also lives in Mack's foster home does NOT appreciate his boisterous, active behavior.)

Mack's favorite activity is stealing socks, underwear, tissues, garbage, etc. and then playing the catch-me-if-you-can game! He has learned to "give it back" when an adult quietly takes the stolen item from him. 

Manny - Male

ADOPTED Manny is a small, happy, playful 3 year old boy who loves his tennis ball - he could play fetch all day long.  He really enjoys being outside - he needs an active owner who likes to go on long walks, throw a ball endlessly and has a big fenced-in yard!

Manny is happy to meet new people - after all you never know who likes to play ball!  He likes older kids and most other dogs.

Nikki - Female

ADOPTED Nikki's fate was left to a posting on Craig's List but fortunately the kind woman who took her called us.

Nikki was dirty and matted, scratching her ears and licking her paws; she was very stressed, panting heavily and overweight.

After two trips to the vet and a trip to the groomer, Nikki is feeling so much better; she's on ear meds for a minor infection and she gets an anti-fungal med twice a day to clear up the infection between her toes. A blood test revealed that she is hypothyroid and she now takes the very inexpensive thyroid pills two times a day. After a thorough exam, our vet said she was a healthy and very loving dog.  When we asked him how old Nikki was, he thought a minute and said, "Well, she's not five and she's not twelve, so let's go with about nine years old!"

Pepper aka Violet - Female

Happy update from Pepper aka Violet's owner.