Angie & Maxie -

Both Angie and Maxie are every bit as happy and outgoing as they look in this photo.

Maxie and Angie are brother and sister and have lived together in one home their entire lives. Angie adores her brother Maxie and according their owner "she cannot live without him."

Both dogs are everything a cocker should be: they love to be around people, get tummy rubs and check out what's on the kitchen counter. Their current owner says they're fine playing outside in a fenced yard or just "chilling and hanging out" with people in the house.

Daisy - Female

This pretty Cocker girl has very long spaniel ears and a long natural tail. She has a  "flat" coat (not as thick as some cocker coats) and feathers on her legs. Daisy needs a structured home with a predictable schedule and not a lot of friends and neighbors coming and going. She would do very well with another small playful dog or two. A fenced yard is a must. Daisy is two years old.

Lucy - Female

This pretty little cocker mix has her natural tail. Lucy was a stray found wandering the city streets. We think her background may have included abuse - at first she would cower when she heard a loud voice. She may also have been traumatized when she was in a crate.  In the beginning she would lunge at the crate door when her foster would mom put her back into the crate but she was fine once she was inside her kennel.

But Lucy has come a long way. Now, after 6 months of talk and handling she has learned to trust her foster mom and only barks at her when she goes back into the kennel. She probably feels vulnerable when inside a cage so the obvious solution is to be adopted by someone who does not need to crate her.

Manny - Male

ADOPTED Manny is a small, happy, playful 3 year old boy who loves his tennis ball - he could play fetch all day long.  He really enjoys being outside - he needs an active owner who likes to go on long walks, throw a ball endlessly and has a big fenced-in yard!

Manny is happy to meet new people - after all you never know who likes to play ball!  He likes older kids and most other dogs.

Reggie - Male

ADOPTED Reggie has lived with his original family since he was an 11 week old puppy; recently they moved and couldn't take 9 year old Reggie with them.

Reggie is a lovable, active cocker, who likes being with people. He enjoys meeting new people who come to his house and he greets them enthusiastically and does his "happy bark".

Reggie really loves to be outside, he likes long walks and enjoys checking out all the different smells. He's very friendly to any strangers he meets on his walks.

Rudy - Male

ADOPTED Rudy is a wonderful boy! He is happy, healthy, playful, loves to play outside and likes to snuggle right up next to someone on the sofa.

His current caregiver says he looks and acts like a dog half his age - Rudy is 13 years old. He was just examined by a vet and everything checked out fine.

Rudy really likes children. He recently attended a gathering of 19 Girl Scouts and he was the hit of the party - he loved all the attention showered on him.  He enjoys sleeping in his caregiver's daughter's  bedroom on his own special blanket.