Angie & Maxie -

ADOPTED!  Both Angie and Maxie are every bit as happy and outgoing as they look in this photo.

Maxie and Angie are brother and sister and have lived together in one home their entire lives. Angie adores her brother Maxie and according their owner "she cannot live without him."

Both dogs are everything a cocker should be: they love to be around people, get tummy rubs and check out what's on the kitchen counter. Their current owner says they're fine playing outside in a fenced yard or just "chilling and hanging out" with people in the house.

Cyndi - Female

Cyndi is a very special, little 1 and 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel who had a challenging start in life. In spite of the odds stacked against her, Cyndi has flourished with structure and choice. In order for Cyndi to feel safe and relaxed, she needs to be kept in an exercise pen in the main part of the house where there is lots of activity so she can be part of life without getting overwhelmed. In her pen she needs a comfy bed, a water bucket attached to the side, and safe toys and things to chew like Nylabones and Pet Stages Dogwood Sticks (NO "high value" chewies such as bully sticks, rawhide, antlers, etc. ever due to her history of guarding items she thinks are extra good).

Daisy - Female

ADOPTED! This pretty Cocker girl has very long spaniel ears and a long natural tail. She has a  "flat" coat (not as thick as some cocker coats) and feathers on her legs. Daisy needs a structured home with a predictable schedule and not a lot of friends and neighbors coming and going. She would do very well with another small playful dog or two. A fenced yard is a must. Daisy is two years old.

Lucy - Female

This pretty little cocker mix has her natural tail. Lucy was a stray found wandering the city streets. We think her background may have included abuse - at first she would cower when she heard a loud voice. She may also have been traumatized when she was in a crate.  In the beginning she would lunge at the crate door when her foster would mom put her back into the crate but she was fine once she was inside her kennel.

But Lucy has come a long way. Now, after 6 months of talk and handling she has learned to trust her foster mom and only barks at her when she goes back into the kennel. She probably feels vulnerable when inside a cage so the obvious solution is to be adopted by someone who does not need to crate her.

Lulu and Sammy - 2017 - Female

Update: February, 2018

We rescued this sweet bonded pair in October 2016. The animal control officer found them curled up together on the side of a dirt road just waiting for help. They were starved, emactiated, dirty but so friendly and grateful for human attention.

Lulu and Sammy (we named them) are probably a mother and son bonded pair. Sammy wants to be with Lulu all the time and he cries pitifully if he cannot see her; Lulu is devoted to him - sometimes she'll lick him from head to toe!


Sadie and Jada - Female


Update: Sadie and Jada will soon be seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist for a complete exam.

Five year old Jada and her best buddy, six year old Sadie, are a truly bonded pair - and they're both blind.

Although Sadie, a neutered male, is blind he always knows where Jada is - and she relies on him. When they go for leash walks with their mom, Sadie is the leader and he walks ahead of his mom and Jada follows behind her - it's quite the parade.

Sadie was especially attached to his dad who died a few months ago. He was his loyal companion and stayed right with him throughout his illness. He was also with him when he died.