Chip - Male

Chip Needs a Foster Home!

Chip was adopted 2 years ago from a shelter and recently his owner returned him.  He was dirty, smelly and hadn't seen a vet since he was adopted.  His owner said he had started to piddle in the house and they didn't want to deal with that (or anything else given his overall dirty, matted condition).

Frankie - Male

Frankie is waiting for that very special home of his own. Please read his story.   Please read Frankie's special story.  Click here.

Hunter - Male

ADOPTED Hunter is an exuberant, healthy, playful  7 year old cocker boy. He's being given up for adoption by his current owners because they now have a 7 month old child and Hunter doesn't understand that his size and strength, when he's playing with her, can be overwhelming for a young child. (Hunter also gets excited when he's playing and will jump up on people.)

Lucy - Female

This pretty little cocker mix has her natural tail. Lucy was a stray found wandering the city streets. We think her background may have included abuse - at first she would cower when she heard a loud voice. She may also have been traumatized when she was in a crate.  In the beginning she would lunge at the crate door when her foster would mom put her back into the crate but she was fine once she was inside her kennel.

But Lucy has come a long way. Now, after 6 months of talk and handling she has learned to trust her foster mom and only barks at her when she goes back into the kennel. She probably feels vulnerable when inside a cage so the obvious solution is to be adopted by someone who does not need to crate her.

Manny - Male

ADOPTED Manny is a small, happy, playful 3 year old boy who loves his tennis ball - he could play fetch all day long.  He really enjoys being outside - he needs an active owner who likes to go on long walks, throw a ball endlessly and has a big fenced-in yard!

Manny is happy to meet new people - after all you never know who likes to play ball!  He likes older kids and most other dogs.

Reggie - Male

Reggie has lived with his original family since he was an 11 week old puppy; recently they moved and couldn't take 9 year old Reggie with them.

Reggie is a lovable, active cocker, who likes being with people. He enjoys meeting new people who come to his house and he greets them enthusiastically and does his "happy bark".

Reggie really loves to be outside, he likes long walks and enjoys checking out all the different smells. He's very friendly to any strangers he meets on his walks.