Dylan - Male


Some of you may recall seeing Dylan on our website last winter and he was also featured in our summer 2019 newsletter.

We rescued Dylan last February when he was only 4 months old. He's a strikingly beautiful, playful cocker spaniel with his natural tail who was born with a cleft palate. Dylan was examined by an oral surgeon at the University of Penn Vet School and he said he was a good candidate for reconstructive surgery.  Surgery was done in February with a follow-up adjustment in March. In October he needed one more surgery to lengthen his soft palate. 

Lady and Tyson - Male (1) & Female (1)

Lady and Tyson are a beautiful pair who are looking for a home!

Lulu and Sammy - 2017 - Male (1) & Female (1)

Update: February, 2018

We rescued this sweet bonded pair in October 2016. The animal control officer found them curled up together on the side of a dirt road just waiting for help. They were starved, emactiated, dirty but so friendly and grateful for human attention.

Lulu and Sammy (we named them) are probably a mother and son bonded pair. Sammy wants to be with Lulu all the time and he cries pitifully if he cannot see her; Lulu is devoted to him - sometimes she'll lick him from head to toe!


Molly - Female

Molly -   7 year olf spayed female -- more details to come.

Nala - Female

Nala - 3 years not spayed female (no photos or bio yet)

Pebbles - Female

Pebbles - ADOPTED 12/19/19 4 year old spayed female - details to come!