Lulu and Sammy - 2017 -

Update: February, 2018

We rescued this sweet bonded pair in October 2016. The animal control officer found them curled up together on the side of a dirt road just waiting for help. They were starved, emactiated, dirty but so friendly and grateful for human attention.

Lulu and Sammy (we named them) are probably a mother and son bonded pair. Sammy wants to be with Lulu all the time and he cries pitifully if he cannot see her; Lulu is devoted to him - sometimes she'll lick him from head to toe!


Molly - Female

Molly -   ADPOPTED 3/27/20207 year olf spayed female -- more details to come.

Nala - Female

Nala - ADOPTED March 20203 years not spayed female (no photos or bio yet)

Sadie and Jada - Female


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Update: Sadie and Jada will soon be seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist for a complete exam.

Five year old Jada and her best buddy, six year old Sadie, are a truly bonded pair - and they're both blind.

Although Sadie, a neutered male, is blind he always knows where Jada is - and she relies on him. When they go for leash walks with their mom, Sadie is the leader and he walks ahead of his mom and Jada follows behind her - it's quite the parade.

Sadie was especially attached to his dad who died a few months ago. He was his loyal companion and stayed right with him throughout his illness. He was also with him when he died.

SUCO - Male

Suco -- ADOPTED! - Recent update from Suco's foster home.

Suco is a beautiful 5-year old cocker who spent much of his life indoors with very little access to the outdoors. He lived in a small apartment and used pee pads. He was rarely groomed.

Suco has settled in nicely at his foster home. He was initially very anxious and had nervous diarrhea - but he has settled into the routine and loves to be outside. He has not had any accidents for several weeks and understands going outside to do his business. When he gets fidgety and is offered to go outside it usually means he needs to go. Sucos foster home has a big fenced yard (which he loves) and two other cockers. He gets along well with other dogs and is not aggressive around them, or food.