Welcome to Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of New England. CSRNE is one of the oldest and largest cocker rescue groups in the country. We are composed of many volunteers throughout New England dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless cocker spaniels.

Since our inception in 1987 hundreds of abandoned or unwanted cockers found homes with caring, loving families. By networking with animal shelters, other rescue groups, and veterinarians CSRNE has saved, improved, and extended the lives of one of America’s most popular breeds.

Your donations make it possible for us to give needy cockers the care they need before we can place them in their forever home. Your support gives these cockers a second chance for a long and happy life. To read full president’s message click here.



Five year old Jada and her best buddy, six year old Sadie, are a truly bonded pair – and they’re both blind. Click here for more info.



Sara and Chloe are as sweet as they come. Their foster mom says “they are both funny, social dogs who love attention”.  But Sara will need eye surgery so we need a special foster home. Click here to read more.


In Memory of Chip

The shelter staff were very taken with Chip’s gentle sweet temperament and loving personality but they knew he had Cushing’s Disease and needed long term veterinary care and treatment as well as special home care in order to survive so they called Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England (CSRNE) for help.

Fortunately we knew the perfect, caring experienced foster home for him. Chip had constant affection, care and love but his Cushing’s Disease, which was complicated by other serious health problems, prevented him from responding to the medication and special diet. He became weaker and weaker.

Chip was cuddled, loved and received excellent veterinary care for nine weeks but our vet was concerned about his increasing debilitation so the very difficult decision was made and he was put to sleep.

Chip was adored by everyone who met him – he was the best cocker ever.

CSRNE is glad we had the opportunity to try and give Chip a longer, better quality of life.  Thanks to the extraordinary care, devotion and commitment of his foster parents, Ellen and Norm, Chip was never alone – he was part of a big loving family and he was happy.

Thank you to all of you who support our work with your donations.  You make it possible for us to help needy cockers like Chip.


Sophia 5-2017-sm

Sophia is celebrating her first anniversary in her new forever home. She wants to let you know how great life is in her very own special home.
Happy 4th of July to everyone!


It’s exciting – this year’s Cutest Pet Contest is up and running with a new look. Join the fun, support CSRNE.
Check it out and enter your pet!

Enter your favorite cocker, dog, cat, bird, ferret, hamster, alligator, snake, giraffe…oh you get the picture (no pun intended) in this year’s Cutest Pet Contest to help benefit the Joey Fund. Your entries and votes go to our Joey Fund which enables CSRNE to pay for the veterinary care and other medical expenses for our needy rescue cockers.

Send in those photos of your special pets, or maybe your grand-pets, friend’s pets, and then spread the word to get your pet the votes needed to put him/her in the calendar, or even on the cover. Every entry and vote goes to helping our rescue cockers so enter a pet and vote, vote, vote.

Ask your friends to network for you, spread the word, let’s make this contest the best ever.

Click here for contest – read the rules, enter, and send out the word to vote for your special pet:   

A huge “thank you” to all CSRNE supporters. You make it possible for us to help those neglected and homeless cocker spaniels move on to their forever homes. Thank you to all of you from all of us at CSRNE.

ATTENTION! We are receiving calls on our hotline from cell phones and some of these messages are incomplete. We are, at times, unable to hear all of the digits in the return phone number. When leaving messages on our hotline, please speak slowly, very clearly, and repeat your phone number several times. If you do not hear from us within 2 business days, please call back.

Updated or new email addresses needed. If you have changed your email address (or added a new email address) within the past year please send CSRNE a note giving your name, old email address, and new email address.  We are striving to keep our  database up to date.  Email your note to:  info@csrne.org 

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