Welcome to Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of New England. CSRNE is one of the oldest and largest cocker rescue groups in the country. We are composed of many volunteers throughout New England dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless cocker spaniels.

Since our inception in 1987 hundreds of abandoned or unwanted cockers found homes with caring, loving families. By networking with animal shelters, other rescue groups, and veterinarians CSRNE has saved, improved, and extended the lives of one of America’s most popular breeds.

Your donations make it possible for us to give needy cockers the care they need before we can place them in their forever home. Your support gives these cockers a second chance for a long and happy life. To read full president’s message click here.



Because of your support, in the last month the Joey Fund has provided expensive specialty veterinary care for 10 of our rescue cockers!

We couldn’t help these dogs without your generous donations to the Joey Fund. Thanks to you, 10 cockers feel much better and several of them have already been adopted.


* Adorable Teddy was a mess when we rescued him right before Christmas. He had needed an abdominal mass removed (benign thank goodness) and he just had bilateral ear ablation surgery to remove the source of his painful ear infection. He’s back home and recuperating with his foster parents and doing well.  (photo with name under it)

* Skye, Milo and Frankie all had serious dental disease and needed surgery for multiple extractions as well as a thorough cleaning. they have healthy teeth and gums and a pearly white smile!


* Sweet eight year old Copper decided to chase a squirrel and ended up tearing his ACL. He had orthopedic surgery and is now in doggy rehab to strengthen his muscles (we hope he knows his squirrel chasing days are over).


* Six year old Sophia went in to be spayed and ended up also having a mammary tumor removed. Fortunately the biopsy was benign. She recuperated quickly and is back to playing with her toys.

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Copper at Fitter Critters


3/29/16 Copper is doing very well with rehab at Fitter Critters. He’s on the water treadmill here and is going to the pool soon.

Post surgery update on Copper – 2/26-28/2016 (From Copper’s foster mom and dad) – Yea Copper!!!

2/26/2016 – Copper is home! He does not have a cone or a cast! He can stand and walk on the leg immediately ( just have to limit his activity for two weeks). He has pain meds, antibiotics, and an anti inflammatory. He’s back on his “magic carpet” for in house transportation. 

2/28/2016 – Friday night was a challenge. Saturday was a little better, but still no standing or walking on his own. Today (Sunday) was the turn around! He got up and made it to the door all by himself and has been moving around pretty good all day! He will start doggie rehab in two weeks at Fitter Critters. They have a swimming pool, underwater treadmill , acupuncture , massage, laser and light therapy, tens and e-stim.

Update on Copper – 2-18-2016
Shortly after Copper settled into his foster home, he appointed himself head of the squirrel patrol; he was determined to keep all squirrels away from the bird feeder.  He was doing a good job too, but last week he saw a very bold squirrel heading for the feeder and, as he charged after the offending squirrel, he tore his left rear cruciate ligament (aka ACL).  His foster mom and dad got him right to the vet who confirmed the diagnosis and Copper is scheduled for surgery to repair this ligament on Feb. 25, 2016.
Copper will need several weeks of cage rest and he has to lose 8 pounds – poor boy. Fortunately his foster dad is home all day to keep him company and give him the massages he so loves.
Copper’s foster mom and dad said: “Copper is limited in his walking right now, but he gets around on his ” magic carpet” with a little help from mom and dad!”
Copper wants to thank all of you who thought he was so cute and sent in adoption applications. Right now things are on hold. We’ll keep you posted regarding his recovery. Read more about Copper under our Adoptions pages.



Now he needs his badly infected ears treated.


Update: February 9, 2016  – Good news! Teddy had surgery at Tuft’s on January 28th to remove tumors in his abdomen.   The biopsy results just came back and he had a free-floating fatty tumor which was benign. He’s recovering very nicely from his surgery.
Now, the next step is to give Teddy relief from the discomfort of his end stage ear disease. He’ll be examined again at the end of February and he’ll most likely need surgery on both ears. We’ll update Teddy’s friends as soon as his surgeons decide on what needs to be done. Meanwhile, Teddy continues to chase his ball and enjoy life in his foster home.

Teddy’s foster mom and dad were happy to take him into their home for the holidays. And Santa gave Teddy his favorite gift, a ball, which he plays with endlessly.
Teddy has already had a thorough vet exam, gotten all his shots, and blood workup done. His badly infected ear canals are his major health issue. Both canals are swollen shut and no topical medication can get into his ears. He’s scheduled to see a veterinary dermatologist on January 15th. Our fervent hope is to treat him with some of the new drugs now available and avoid surgery. He’s also scheduled for an ultrasound to checkout a small abdominal growth.
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