Welcome to Cocker Spaniel Rescue Of New England. CSRNE is one of the oldest and largest cocker rescue groups in the country. We are composed of many volunteers throughout New England dedicated to rescuing and placing homeless cocker spaniels.

Since our inception in 1987 hundreds of abandoned or unwanted cockers found homes with caring, loving families. By networking with animal shelters, other rescue groups, and veterinarians CSRNE has saved, improved, and extended the lives of one of America’s most popular breeds.

Your donations make it possible for us to give needy cockers the care they need before we can place them in their forever home. Your support gives these cockers a second chance for a long and happy life.

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Your donation to the Randy Price Lifetime Care Fund will provide heartworm prevention to all the cockers in our lifetime care program. Help protect their sweet cocker hearts form heartworm disease damage. It costs $80 to provide heart worm prevention to one rescue cocker per year. (Click below to donate!) 




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Dylan got ADOPTED – February 2020! 


Some of you may recall seeing Dylan on our website last winter and he was also featured in our summer 2019 newsletter.

We rescued Dylan last February when he was only 4 months old. He’s a strikingly beautiful, playful cocker spaniel who was born with a cleft palate. Dylan was examined by an oral surgeon at the University of Penn Vet School and he said he was a good candidate for reconstructive surgery.  Surgery was done in February with a follow-up adjustment in March. In October he needed one more surgery to lengthen his soft palate. 

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2B32E36D-CF0E-41AE-9702-9681843DB8F9cocker-bar1 Meet recent arrival, Suco (buff male)

Suco_2019-1 Suco4


Recent update from Suco’s foster home.
Suco is a beautiful 5-year old cocker who spent much of his life indoors with very little access to the outdoors. He lived in a small apartment and used pee pads. He was rarely groomed.

Suco has settled in nicely at his foster home. He was initially very anxious and had nervous diarrhea – but he has settled into the routine and loves to be outside. He has not had any accidents for several weeks and understands going outside to do his business. When he gets fidgety and is offered to go outside it usually means he needs to go. Suco’s foster home has a big fenced yard (which he loves) and two other cockers. He gets along well with other dogs and is not aggressive around them, or food.

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More Recent Arrivals!  Molly, Pebbles (adopted 12/19/19), and Nala bios coming soon; here are some cute photos…

Otis (8 month old, not neutered male) Click here for Otis’ bio,

Molly (7 years, spayed female),

Pebbles (4 years spayed female – adopted 12/19/19), Nala (3 years, not spayed female – no photos yet)

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Woof! Our 22nd Annual Joey Fund Auction was great!

Please ClickHere to see some photos and the Channel 5 Wake Up Call recorded at the Auction!

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We have a new way to support CSRNE and to honor our biggest fan and Joey Fund Honorary Chairperson Randy Price. As he retired from WCVB Channel 5 we established the Randy Price Lifetime Care Fund!


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Here is a link to an article in Woof Magazine’s July 2018 issue

on “Food Allergies in Dogs & Cats”


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A huge “thank you” to all CSRNE supporters. You make it possible for us to help those neglected and homeless cocker spaniels move on to their forever homes. Thank you to all of you from all of us at CSRNE.

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